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    • Puma By Rihanna: Creeper Collection November 24, 2015
      The BBHMM star is about to drop a new line-up.Subverting what we thought we knew about creepers – the favoured shoe of 1950’s Teddy Boys and teenage girls circa 2013 – Rihanna’s second take on the subcultural signfier drops this week. Nearly a year after signing her name on the dotted line as Creative Director for Womenswear at Puma, the Bajan singer’s lates […]
    • Next Wave #670: Connie Constance November 24, 2015
      A raw talent with exciting possibilities...“I'm kind of like, No Fixed Abode on paper.” Connie Constance is nothing if not honest. Delivered with a wry grin, it's clear that she actually relishes the freedom she's given – and in life, so too in music. Originally a dancer, the London-based artist became more and more engrossed in the music that […]
    • In Conversation: Vince Staples November 24, 2015
      "I just want to be an artist..."Vince Staples is a clear example of how defining the individual can lead to something universal. Need some evidence? The rapper is in town for his biggest London show yet, a sold out performance fuelled by material rooted in Long Beach, California, an area almost a hemisphere away from these devoted fans. “I mean, it […]
    • Tribal Gathering: Farah AW15 November 23, 2015
      Inspired by men's search for community. Tribes don’t exist in 2015, so we’re told. Everyone listens to every kind of music, wears every style of clothing; the last true subculture was emo, but that hardly exists beyond the playground today. In spite – or perhaps inline with this – Farah’s AW15 collection takes the moniker ‘Tribal Gathering’, the cloth o […]
    • Rolling Stones x Moncler November 23, 2015
      Mick, Charlie, Keith and Ronnie go luxe. The volume of Rolling Stones doused apparel is ample, even for a band of their stature. From erotic flavoured hook ups with Agent Provocateur to the everyman tongue fronted tees of HMV and co., their status is the kind that, naturally, people want to delve in deep; albums, panties and all. At the other end of the merc […]
    • Oneohtrix Point Never - Garden Of Delete November 23, 2015
      Hyper, aggressive, silly and just-bloody-gorgeous...There was a faintly worrying buzz in the run up to the latest Oneohtrix Point Never album. It arrives (relatively) hot on the heels of a live tour where Daniel Lopatin supported industrial rock's own lords of pomposity, Nine Inch Nails, and the press has heavily focused on the promotional backstory (of […]
    • Behind The Scenes: Mercury Prize '15 November 23, 2015
      What really goes on...It’s always strange to suddenly find yourself part of something that you usually watch from the sidelines. As Clash ducks into a side-door of the BBC building for the Mercury Prize, ready for a night of glitz, glamour and musicians behaving badly, we can’t help being a little disappointed with the “Media Café” we’re led through to – bas […]
    • Album Stream: Ethan Johns - 'Silver Liner' November 23, 2015
      Super-producer takes a solo bow...Ethan Johns is perhaps best known as a producer – but then, perhaps that's to be expected. After all, his glittering career includes credits on work from Kings Of Leon, Ryan Adams, Laura Marling and Sir Paul McCartney, amongst many, many more. But alongside this Ethan is also a capable, soothing, and often poetic songwr […]
    • Live Review: Floating Points - Islington Assembly Hall, London November 20, 2015
      A thrilling ecosystem of sound...There was something incongruous disturbing the north London jazz waters. As the darkened stage of Islington’s Assembly Hall remained empty, an obscure and nebulous playlist of disassembled music foggily filled the hall. It was all distorted piano notes and a rising, swampy click layering tension like a rope. Just what was abo […]
    • Eels - The Dreamworks Collection November 19, 2015
      E’s beautiful blues, infectious pop and emotive ballads re-issued…The release of ramshackle marvel ‘Novocaine For The Soul’ was perfectly timed, hitting the zenith of the Nineties indie resurgence and introducing the world to the scuzzy beauty of Mark Everett’s unique songwriting. Truly, nobody else sounds like Eels and this thoroughly enjoyable opportunity […]
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Five Cool Ones: Five Artists that Follow The Falcon’s Nest on Twitter

Posted by falconi5 on February 10, 2014

twitterOne of the great things about social media is the ability to expose yourself to musical acts from all over the globe. Some new, some old, and  lot that might be new to you but have been around for while. Every artist you encounter on your journey may not be to your liking, but the joy is in the journey. Here are five of our favorite musicians that are following us on twitter.  Thanks for the follow.

Jamestown Revival

One of our favorite new finds with a sound right out of Laurel Canyon. Check out the song “California (Cast Iron Soul)” from their recent Conan appearance. Move over Mumford and Sons, Dawes, and The Avett Brothers.  There is a new cosmic cowboy in town.

Artist Site


The Repeat Offenders

The Repeat Offenders are a Post Punk band with attitude and energy to spare. Picture Oasis with a little bit more of an edge, and you have the sound scape for this fine up and coming new band.

Artist Site

Twitter: @repeatoffender5

Love and a .38

If you sometimes are in the mood for some real old school Sunset Strip Rock & Roll, and who isn’t, Love and a .38 is the band for you. They can be found mostly in the Los Angeles area at The Whiskey, The Troubadour, or any number of those cool So. Cal haunts. Their new album will be out in a couple of months, so keep your ears peeled.  In the meantime to hold you over check out this fine Rock and Roll tune, “Rock ‘n Lola.”

Twitter: @loveanda38

Sunshine Riot

Sunshine Riot describes themselves as a Cash-Meets-Cobain Rock & Roll Band from Boston.  Check them out.  They deserve to be on your radar.

Twitter: @SunshineRiot

Pickering White

Breaking up the sausage fest a bit, we have Pickering White. Exquisitely fronted by Jennifer Pickering, the four piece band is an exciting blend of blues, country, Rock, and a little bit of soul. The vibe is retro cool, and on the excellent “Lady Blue Sky” a little bit of ELO comes out.  Not a lot, just a little bit. Also think Imelda May with a little bit of Lydia Loveless thrown in for good measure.

Artist Site

Twitter: @PickeringWhite



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