The Falcon's Nest

The Home of All Things Rock and Sometimes Roll

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The Falcon’s Nest

(The Home of All Things Rock and Sometimes Roll)

The Falcon’s Nest 

The Falcon’s Nest is designed to be your one-stop portal into the world of music. The site features daily updates of new artists you might be interested in checking out, old classics you haven’t heard in a long time, and the newer stuff that might be just under your own personal radar. The updates come fast and furious so check back often.

The layout of The Falcon’s Nest allows for easy navigation, and is designed to provide a portal into the fast moving musical universe by giving you links to resources across The World Wide Web.  We do the work so you don’t have to.

Navigating the Falcon’s Nest

The main page of the Falcon’s Nest delivers a daily dose of what is on our musical mind.  Whether it is a Video of the Day, Live Video of the Day, Rock Chick of the Day, Five Cool Ones, or a Rock Collabo, your daily musical thirst is likely to be quenched here.

On either side of the main section is where you will find, links, feeds, music news, and lots of other musical nuggets. Featured prominently is The Cool Album of the Day web site that is pound for  musical pound the best all-purpose musical site around featuring music news along with album reviews that range from the classic vinyl you used to own, top albums from other parts of the world that may not have reached your ears, and everything in between including lots of new stuff.

Also featured is The Song of the Day courtesy of the RBHS Jukebox, a website dedicated to the art of the song.  Here, you will learn a lot about songs you may have heard before, and more importantly you will learn a lot about tunes you never even knew you liked.  Either way, It’s all good.

From there, just move around the site.  You will find links to some of our favorite labels, favorite music sites, and favorite magazines. We have started to list our favorite albums of 2013, just click on the link and you will be able to read a review of the album. In addition we have listed easy to get to links for the websites for artists that we particular like.  This section of The Nest is ever-growing, so check back often to see if we have added a new artist.

We have included RSS feeds from some of our favorite music sites with quick descriptions of news stories and reviews that might interest you. Just click on the link to take you to the full story.

The Falcon’s Nest family of sites.

In addition to The Falcon’s Nest there are also three addition web sites, each with its own musical characteristic designed to further enhance your musical knowledge and excitement.

The Falcon’s Nest Album Jukebox

Writers for the Falcon’s Nest are also on the writing staff for The Cool Album of the Day. It is here that you will be able to find the master works of Walt Falconer, Bernie Sparrow, Jeremy Wren, and Nigel Owl all in one place.

The Falcon’s Nest Daily

The Falcon’s Nest Daily is a news feed only site where you can get updated, up to the minute music news presented in a format that is easy to navigate.  Music News, Music Reviews, and Cool Music sites are presented for easy access. Updates arrive hourly, so check back often.

The Falcon’s Nest Now

The Falcon’s Nest Now is a video only site where we feature artists that we particular enjoy and are likely to be listening to in The Falcon’s Nest. Ever wondered what The Staves, Band of Skulls, or Whitehorse are all about? Check out this site.


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