Sometimes with compilations like this one, where the clock turns back to the early days of Rock and Roll, the results can be a bit over bloated and poorly produced with the song selections mostly standard “heard that song a hundred times” fare. Red Hot – A Memphis Celebration of Sun Records, is definitely been there, not that.

The song selections are mostly deep track cool with artists contributing to the project that are just under the radar, but if you have not heard of them are definitely work your ear-quiantence. Valerie June does a decidedly vintage version of Carl Perkins’ “Sure to Fall,” proving one again that she seems not capable of producing a boring effort, and Americana Singer Shawn Camp does Jerry Lee Lewis more than proud belting out “Lonely Weekends.”

The Album was recorded at both of the Historic Sun Studios, and to make things even better, all of the artists donated their time to this project with the proceeds going to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The two more celebrated songs covered here, “Folsom Prison Blues” by Alan Youngblood Hart and “High School Confidential” won’t set the world on fire, but are more than solid renditions of songs we all have heard and love.

A favorite is John Paul’s Keith’s Rockabilly contribution, “Red Cadillac and a Black Mustache,” a Warren Smith cover. For extra credit, take a drive over to Bob Dylan’s cover of this song from Good Rockin’ Tonight, the Legacy of Sun Records, which is pretty much this record but with bigger names and less cool songs.