Goldray is a band formed from the union of guitarist Kenwyn House and singer Leah Rasmussen.  Their debut long player, Rising, is a mesmerizing, frenetic blend of early 70’s Blues Rock, triply Psychedelia, and ear massaging Rock and Roll.

Picture Kate Bush fronting Led Zeppelin, and you’d be pretty much on the money.  The opener, “Outloud,” starts things out with a riffage bang, while the title track brings thing back just a bit spotlighting Rasmussen’s take no prisoners vocal style.

It’s no secret that much of this album was written while under the influence with exhibit number one, “Calling Your Name,” a swirling organ enhanced trip into “White Rabbit” by way of Syd Barrett territory.  All in all, this is a highly developed record that will expand your mind and fry the brain.