deafhavanaWhen you release an album like Deaf Havana did in 2013 with Old Souls, a record that unashamedly pays track to track homage to Bruce Springsteen, you better be good, and you best have a little something more up your sleeve for your next trick to avoid the dreaded one trick pony label.

No worries, mate.  All systems are go. All These Countless Nights steps out of the shadow of it’s predecessor with a dozen songs that brings to mind the melodic Power Pop of The Bodeans with a side order of Hall and Oates along with a splash of Whisketown era Ryan Adams thrown in for good measure.

Four albums in after multiple line up changes and record label mishaps, the band seems to have found it’s stride. The songwriting is close to the bone personal and the mood goes from Indie Pop to back of the bar anthemic with the uplifiting dexterity of a musical tight rope walker. A little bit Pop, a little bit Rock, a little bit roll.  This one has something for everyone.