ragnIf you have never heard of Rag’n’ Bone Man, known to his friends and his mother as Rory Graham, you definitely are not in the minority. A Neo-Soul singer of the highest order this U.K. sensation should be on the ears of music fans on both sides of the pond in very short order.

The lead off single “Human” from the album of the same name has become a huge hit with a lengthy stay on the British music charts, and prompted a personal phone call from Elton John who contacted the burly singer to offer his support and to reserve a seat on the band wagon, a reservation that is become increasingly harder to get as his popularity soars.

Having grown up honing his chops in open mic Hip Hop venues, Graham ditched his plans to be an MC or a DJ and turned to Soul.  With a voice that seems to come deep within his Soul one would think he grew up singing Gospel tunes in the deep South instead of the rainy seaside town of Brighton. “Human” the song along with some scatting on “Fire” is about as close as the record comes to bringing to the surface his Rap and Hip Hop upbringing, while Human the album is centered in deep emotional Southern Gospel Soul.

With an increasing body of work on the live circuit including his American T.V. debut on the Jimmy Fallon show, his concerts are quickly becoming must see and must hear events. The record will grab you from the first listen, but will fully envelop you and capture your soul if you give it the ear-tention this one truly deserves.