carolineWhen critics are having trouble pigeon-holing you as a Singer or a Songwriter, you must be both, and Caroline Spense is just that. On one side of the coin there is a singing voice that soars somewhere between Neko Case and Judee Sill, while on the flip side with nuanced songs like “Slow Dancer” and “You Don’t Look So Good (Cocaine)” you almost have a female version of Steve Earle or Rodney Crowell as far as songwriting goes.

Her latest album, Spades and Roses, breaks down life’s complexities into 11 poignant vignettes. Whether she’s singing about the same old bar and the same old stools, or offering sage advice to a drug addicted friend, every verse is delivered with conviction and true been there done that clarity.

“Hotel Amarillo” is a devastatingly honest depiction of a musicians life on the road, and “Softball” calls out the gender pay gap that stills exist with female Country singers. She is not new to the scene having earned critical acclaim and accolades from The American Songwriter, Kerrville Folk and many other trade publications, but this years in the making overnight sensation just might find her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this time.