siresJust a few notes into Soul for Sale, the 2016 release from Waterloo, Ia band Sires, your ears will perk up and will be immediately get the sense that they are in for something pretty special.

A three piece band with a distinct appreciation for 60’s Pop and Harmony rock with influences ranging from The Beach Boys to The Beatles with a little bit of Robyn Hitchcock and 80’s Brit Pop thrown in for good measure.

The band, a reinvention of sorts for Dylan Sires who was hanging up his shingle as Dylan Sires and the Neighbors, delivers the goods and them some. Their 60’s Pop vibe immediately brings to mind Phil Spector and Pet Sounds era Brian Wilson, all delivered with a panache that is true to their soul and distinctly non-hipster.

“She’s Into Me” is a sort of instant classic that would fit quite nicely on a segment of Little Steven’s Underground Garage on XM radio, and “You’re My Everything” soars somewhere between Early Beatles, Queen, and The Ronettes. Crazy sure, but this goes to show the precision and care that went into making the album, and the future of the band that should be so bright that they could wear shades, but won’t need to.