violaThis year the U.K. Band Viola Beach released their debut self-titled album, a smart intoxicating blend of British Pop Rock that falls somewhere between Oasis and Teenage Fanclub.  Released on their label, the record featuring the singles “Swings and Waterslides” and “Boys that Sing,” was set to be a next level album that vault the boys from Warrington into the big time.

Unfortunately, and tragically, all of the band members along with their manager were killed when the car they were all riding in crashed into a canal as they were on their way to an opening spot for The Blossoms after having played Sweden’s  Where’s the Music? festival, their first gig outside of the U.K.. Their album, released 4 months after the accident, reached number one on the British charts.

In the middle of their recent Glastonbury set instead of playing their usual cover of David Bowie’s “Hero’s” Coldplay paid tribute to Viola Beach showing videos of the band in the background while they played “Boys that Sing.”