The Friday Funday Playlist for this week (Cuts Pretty Deep) runs a pretty good range from 70’s Blues Rock to 60’s Rock Chick all the way to to Texas Boogie Rock and Roll.

Leading off with “Song of Everything” pretty much an out of character Psychedelic trip sort of song where the mighty Hammond B-3 is featured pretty heavily, and with “Stay with Me” a song that Rod Stewart has said was his favorite song to play, you have the ying and the yang of what this set is all about.

The great Lee Michaels is represented with “Rock Me Baby,” one of his lesser known songs, And the criminally ignored for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Warren Zevon, is front and center with Carmelita, a version that is nose to nose as the best version alongside Linda Rondstadts’

Speaking of Rock Chicks, the sausage-fest is broken up a bit with Chicken Shack Christine, McVey’s pre Fleetwood Mac band, and their stellar version of I’d Rather go Blind,” and Nancy Sinatra’s “Summer Wine.”

A couple of curve balls are thrown in the form of the energetic Vibrators tune “Baby,Baby,” and “Clap for the Wolfman,” a guilty pleasure favorite.

And of course, don’t sleep on the closer, the Humble Pie epic rendition of “Drift Away,” and whatever you do, don’t miss the man Rod Stewart has called the best singer in the world and treat your ears to “Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) by Frankie Miller.