The I Don’t Cares – Wild Stab (Rating 2.5 out of 5)

idontJuliana Hatfield just might be the female version of Paul Westerberg, and here they release Wild Stab, the first collaboration between the former Blake Babies and Juliana Hatfield band member and the Paul Westerberg of The Replacements. If you are a replacements fan, this one will be right up your listening alley. 

If you are a Julianna Hatfield fan, you might be somewhat disappointed as her vocals seem to float pretty much in the background throughout most of the 16 tracks presented here, with a couple of notable exceptions.  For a better Hatfield fix, Whatever, My Love with her band The Juliana Hatfield Three will be a much more soul satisfying fix.

As far as Westerberg goes on Wild Stab, he seems a bit more up beat than we are used to hearing him, and while there is no one real great song on this record, there are also no Baby Ruth bars in the pool either.

Every song is solid, with a couple of standouts in “Outta My System” a Replacement-ish tune, and “Dance to the Fight” where Hatfield jumps into the fray in fine style on a number that could have been played in any fraternity house, at any time, back in the day.

Like the Replacements, the vibe is sometimes loud, often times ramshackle, and all the time pretty cool. This one is is a nice gift to the ears, and like the relatively recent Replacements reunion shows it will leave you wanting more.