secretIf you don’t like The Bangles “Walk Like an Egyptian” I don’t want to know you. Sort of like Katrina and the Wave’s “Walking on Sunshine” when this song comes on you can’t help but smile, and if nobody is really looking you can bust out a couple of dance moves. This cover version is courtesy of two of our favorite new bands, The Secret Someones and Jukebox the Ghost, both bands that deserve plenty of your ear time. The Secret Someones have been described as Weezer with boobs, and have very much a fun and refreshing Bangles-Ish sound. Their 2015 self titled record is a start to finish winner. Jukebox the Ghost is like wise a band that should be on your Musical Radar. Their Indie Pop bordering on Power Pop vibe is a fun ride.

Check out the making of the single and learn how this awesome cover version came to life, listen to the finished product, and then dance the night away to the original song and MTV video.

Behind the Music with Walk Like an Egyptian

The finished product from Jukebox the Ghost and Secret Someones

And the Original Bangles Version

Live Version with Secret Someones and Jukebox the Ghost recording January 17, 2015 Chicago Illinois.