Borns – Dopamine (Rating 4 out of 5)

bornsStopping just short of being a guilty pleasure listen, Dopamine, the debit release from Borns, the nom de plume of Garrett Borns from Dearborn Michigan is a fun-filled listen from stem to stern.

Leading of with the Gary Glitter Glam styling of “Electric Love,” a song that could have been released in 1972, on through the disco tinged “Fool” all the way to the Prince by way of the Bee Gees foot-tapper of a title track, this one is fun, through and through.

Borns breathy delivery gives the set a bit of a sexual aura throughout most of the tracks, and the stellar production value has the ears on high alert with no miss-steps throughout the 11 solid cuts.  Even the slow burners like “Clouds” and “American Money” are terrific mood changers.

The influences peppered across this record may be a bit dated, with funky 70’s Earth Wind and Fire R&B crossing swords with Bee Gees Disco and Glam, but the sum total is as fresh as the new millenium. It might be arriving a bit too late for Christmas, but as far as your first listen of the new year, you would be hard pressed to find a more fun and relaxed record than this one.