5Despite what you may have heard, Rock is definitely not dead, and here are five heavy riffing examples.

Razorbats – Kids of the 70’s

These Swedes were definitely born in the wrong decade. It has been said that if The Bay City Rollers grew up on The Sunset Strip they would have pretty much sounded like The Razorbats.

Ozone Mama – Hard Times

Ozone Mama is not a new band, they are just new to me.  With a cooler than hell band name like this one, they would have to be high voltage Rock and Rollers, and they certainly are. An yes Virginia, there is plenty of cowbell on their latest record the aptly named Sonic Glory.

Von Hertzen Brothers – New Day Rising

Sure to be a major act on the summer festival circuit next year these guys with their blend of Rock,Prog, Pop, and Metal will get the blood moving. This one is not for the faint of heart.

F.M. – Digging up the Dirt

When the first cut on your record released in 2015 opens up with more cowbell the band deserves our attention. You have heard all this before, most likely in the 80’s, but that doesn’t make this band that takes you back to Def Leppard, Night Ranger, and Foreigner any less delicious. The video is old school sleaze cool as well.

Revolution Saints – Turn Back Time

When your band consists of alumni from Journey, Whitesnake, and Night Ranger your band better be good.  And these guys are.