Giuda – Speaks Evil (Rating 4 out of 5)

giudaHere it is, some real 70’s Rock and Roll hiding in the year 2015 right in front of our own ears courtesy of Giuda, a five-piece band hailing from Rome, Italy.

It is hard to classify this band that rocks this town with a bit of Post-Punk, more than a little Glam, a lot of good old guitar based Rock and Roll, and enough energy to make Tesla jealous. After one delicious cursory listen, bands like The Sweet, Slade, and T-Rex will come to mind. With further and more critical listens the ghosts of The Faces, Mott the Hoople, and Uriah Heep will start to make an appearance. With even more down on the floor time spent with this record you will long for the glory days of U.F.O. and you might even grow mutton chops.

Starting off the proceedings with great panache and bombast is “Roll the Balls,” a rollicking Thin Lizzy meets ACDC by way of Foghat little number that seems to share DNA with Boston’s “Rock and Roll Band.” Tricky to pull off yes, but this song is actually brilliant. This is the best tune on an album that is filled with tasty buds, no stems and seeds in this batch.

“It Ain’t Easy” barrels out of the gates like Cheap Trick on steroids, and “Bad Days are Back” is part Thin Lizzy, and the rest The Clash by way of Green Day. Crazy yes, but ears don’t lie.  Probably the most contemporary sounding song on the record, this one has a sweet Nicky Hopkins style piano dusting that carries the song into next level territory.

“Mama Got the Blues” is a rocker right out of the Mott the Hoople playbook, and “Watch Your Step” could have been on any of the early Lynyrd Skynyrd records.

Weighing in at a tidy and highly listenable 10 songs, nothing seems over produced on the album. While there is a definite sense that you have heard this stuff before, there is a feeling that things could veer out of control at every moment, which is the way good Rock and Roll music is supposed to be.

Do your ear holes a solid and allow them to listen to the best album of 1974 and one of the best records of 2015.