Magic Pie – King for a Day (Rating 3.5 out of 5)

magicpieBefore devoting any ear time to King for a Day, the latest L.P. from Retro Rockers Magic Pie, full disclosure and buyer beware warnings must be given.  You must, repeat must be a Styx fan to enjoy this record, and in addition, you must be able to tolerate a wee bit of Progressive Rock along the way.  And we are, and we do, and you should as well. Given the proper ear time, this time warp experience will grow on you.

This one would have fit quite nicely wedged between 1981’s Paradise Theater and 1883’3 Kilroy Was Here, and is a better record than the latter and almost as brilliant as the former.  No small achievement since Paradise Theater is arguably the best album from the Chicago stalwarts for those cultured and quite accurate ears that prefer it over The Grand Illusion.

The opener “King for a Day” would have fit hand-in-glove between “Rockin’ the Paradise” and and “Too Much Time on My Hands” with Eirick Hannsen, lead singer for this band from Norway doing his best pomp and grandeur Dennis DeYoung impersonation, is a perfect opening salvo of an introduction.

The song “Introversion” carries the comparisons to the extreme complete with layered vocals and James Young style guitar licks, and with subsequent listens this turns out to be a very good thing.

The song “Tears Gone Dry” weighs in at a studly 12:13 and holds its own throughout but pales in comparison to the title track, a 27:29 opus that is some sort of bizzaro-world cross between Styx, Kansas and Yes, a listening experience that if enjoyed with the proper lubrication will take you back to the days when you had hair, could take a hit or two without worrying about getting drug tested the next day, and most notably had never heard of Justin Bieber.  You Know, the good old days.



Rockin the Paradise

Too Much Time on my Hands