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    • On this Day December 15, 2010
      Various Pink Floyd items were sold at an Entertainment Memorabilia auction by Bonhams in Knightsbridge London. A demo pressing of the single 'Point Me To The Sky/Careful With That Axe Eugene' sold for £720. Pink Floyd signatures, in various blue marker pens on four separate pieces of paper mounted and framed together with a copy of 'Dark Side […]
    • On this Day December 15, 2003
      Courtney Love was sentenced to 18 months in drug rehabilitation after she admitted being under the influence of cocaine and opiates. She was banned from taking non-prescription drugs, drinking alcohol or being in places that serve alcohol.
    • On this Day December 15, 1984
    • On this Day December 15, 1979
    • On this Day December 15, 1969
    • On this Day December 15, 1956
    • On this Day December 15, 1944
      American big-band musician, arranger, composer, and bandleader Glenn Miller was killed when his aircraft disappeared in bad weather over the English Channel while traveling to entertain US troops in France during World War II. Miller was the best-selling recording artist from 1939 to 1943, leading one of the best-known big bands. In just four years Glenn Mil […]
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    • Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Part 8: Apparel and Household Items
      Welcome to part 8 of our Holiday Gift Guide 2017, in which we look at apparel and household items. We highlight two of our favorite T-shirt companies: England's Last Exit to Nowhere features exclusive clever and cheeky designs that play off of classic movies/TV shows and Spread Shirt (founded in Germany in 2002) features a wide range of fun designs for […]
    • Under the Radar’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017 Part 8: Apparel and Household Items
      Welcome to part 8 of our Holiday Gift Guide 2017, in which we look at apparel and household items. We highlight two of our favorite T-shirt companies: England's Last Exit to Nowhere features exclusive clever and cheeky designs that play off of classic movies/TV shows and Spread Shirt (founded in Germany in 2002) features a wide range of fun designs for […]
    • Future Islands Share “Beauty of the Road” Video
      Future Islands released a new album, The Far Field, back in April via 4AD. Now they have shared a video for "Beauty of the Road." Directed by Jay Buim, it fittingly features the band on the road, performing live at various concerts. Watch it below.
    • King Krule on “The Ooz”
      Though much of the press Archy Marshall has received over the past five years has focused on the contrast between his boyish appearance and his mature, baritone voice, ask about the title of his new album and the 22-year-old Londoner becomes a kid again. 
    • Jarvis Cocker and Iggy Pop Cover Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” for “Peaky Blinders”
      Jarvis Cocker and Iggy Pop have teamed up to cover the Nick Cave classic "Red Right Hand" (from 1994). They have done so for the TV show Peaky Blinders. The show, which stars Cillian Murphy as the leader if a gang in post-WWI Birmingham, England, airs on BBC 2 in the U.K. and Netflix in the U.S. 
    • Alex Lahey
      Alex Lahey is honest on her debut album I Love You Like a Brother. "I've gained weight and I drink too much, maybe that's why you don't love me as much," she speculates on "I Haven't Been Taking Care of Myself." "Am I scared of losing you or am I scared to be alone?" she asks on the biting "Lotto in Reve […]
    • Exit Index
      "Where are my millions?," Grooms' frontman Travis Johnson sings in nearly a catatonic stupor on the crepuscular Exit Index opener "The Directory." It conveys the dystopian nightmare of living in modern America, a fool's gold promise predicated upon avarice and a disdain for aesthetic beauty, making money and gaining power at any […]
    • Madeline Kenney Shares Self-Directed Video for “Witching Hour”
      Madeline Kenney released her debut album, Night Night at the First Landing, back in September via Company. Now she has shared a video for "Witching Hour." Kenney self-directed the video, which is a split-screen affair showing Kenney sing the song on one side of the screen, while shots of friends, skateboarding, and a city appear on the other side o […]
    • Elbow Share a Video for Their Cover of The Beatles’ “Golden Slumbers”
      Elbow released a new album (their seventh), Little Fictions, back in February via Concord and they just released a new best of compilation, fittingly titled The Best Of. They previously shared its bonus track, a cover of The Beatles' "Golden Slumbers" (from Abbey Road). 
    • U2 Cover Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On” for Spotify
      U2 released a new album, Songs of Experience, at the start of the month. Now they have done a session for Spotify where they performed the album's "The Little Things That You Give Away."
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    • Next Wave #816: Santell December 14, 2017
      In Association With Vero True SocialFollow Clash Magazine on Vero True Social for more content. A brilliant club track is unforgettable. Hanging with mates at 4am, ditching the pub in favour of a laptop and front room beers, there you sit, scrolling YouTube for a certified banger, anxiously steering the parties beatscape. The mind wanders back to dance-floor […]
    • AYA's 'Heal Me Now' Is Remarkably Soothing December 14, 2017
      Wholly natural, organic songwriting...AYA hinges on the relationship between two sisters, two people who know one another inside out. Remarkably fresh-sounding and wholly organic, the duo have gradually found attention simply through being themselves. Recently taking some time out, AYA went to rural Suffolk to work on new ideas, staying at a medieval monasti […]
    • Track Of The Day 14/12 - Crayon December 14, 2017
      'Faith' ft. Gracy HopkinsCrayon began life in a Parisian bedroom back in 2011, an illustrator-turned-musician who wanted to experiment with something new. Floral electronics meets club tropes, Crayon's work had that Gallic sense of style, and quickly caught attention in Paris and beyond. Releases on tastemaker labels like kitsune followed, wit […]
    • Paul Thomas Saunders Is In The Festive Mood December 14, 2017
      Check out the video for 'Christmas, The Sequel'...It's only a fortnight until the big day. Christmas seems to come earlier every year, and it's upon us once again - presents need to be bought, cards posted, and turkeys cooked. Paul Thomas Saunders is clearly in the festive mood, and his new single is a salute to the joys of Advent. ' […]
    • Premiere: FAKY - 'Someday We'll Know' December 14, 2017
      Hook-heavy pop from Japan...FAKY are a bona fide phenomenon in Japan, a group whose hook-heavy pop has proved to be irresistible. Pop in its purest fashion, FAKY add elements of R&B to create something universal while also completely individual. Continually reaching out, the group recently signed a UK label deal and are set to focus on Europe over the ne […]
    • Premiere: Iris Gold - 'All I Really Know' December 14, 2017
      "It's a song about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and trying again..."Iris Gold knows that success often doesn't come at the first attempt. The Copenhagen newcomer has had many attempts to find her voice, but when it finally clicked it do so in emphatic style. New single 'All I Really Know' finds herself looking back […]
    • Next Wave #815: Tayá December 14, 2017
      In Association With Vero True SocialFollow Clash Magazine on Vero True Social for more content. For an international pop-star-in-waiting, it’s tempting to overplay the everyday qualities that make 19-year-old Taylor Fowlis - AKA future R&B chanteuse Tayá - so relaxed in conversation. Since getting spotted by her manager before she’d even hit her teens, t […]
    • Clash DJ Mix - The Dreem Teem December 14, 2017
      An immaculate cross-section of UKG past and present...The Dreem Teem could only come from London. A group of DJs brought together by the capital's club culture, their early raving days were spent adding a soulful side to legendary pirate London Underground. When UK garage blew up it took The Dreem Teem with it, as their lively, impeccably tailored sets […]
    • Premiere: Tusks - 'Last' (Vök Remix) December 14, 2017
      A frosty, enchanting remix...Tusks has been an enduring presence this year. Part of the female-forward Normal not Novelty collective, she delivered her stellar debut album earlier in the year. With its frosted atmospherics and myriad of aesthetic subtleties, the LP makes for perfect winter listening, unveiling its charms over those long, sub zero nights. Ice […]
    • Liam Gallaher Has Narrated An Alternative Christmas Advert December 14, 2017
      It's about a melting snowman...Liam Gallagher has voiced a new alternative Christmas advert aimed at raising awareness of climate change. The singer has enjoyed a storming 2017, with his debut solo album 'As You Were' selling more than 100,000 copies in its first week. Live shows have witnessed a rare electricity, culminating in Liam's ep […]
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    • Sawdust City Music Festival July 27, 2017
      The inaugural Sawdust City Music Festival takes over Gravenhurst, Ontario this August long weekend. Running from August 4th – 6th the festival features performances from a plethora of talented artists from the area and all over Canada. Whether you want to check out the Muskoka music scene or experience the Jim Cuddy Family Band perform [...] Sawdust City Mus […]
    • Interview: Danko Jones July 21, 2017
      We sat down with John Calabrese, bassist of Danko Jones to talk about the band's impressive 20+ year career, most memorable moments and their newest album Wild Cat.  Interview: Danko Jones by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • Interview: Kid Koala July 20, 2017
      Kid Koala chats with us about his chaotic party show Vinyl Vaudeville, his new album Music To Draw To: Satellite and working on . Interview: Kid Koala by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • The Lemon Bucket Orkestra July 19, 2017
      A Toronto music staple Lemon Bucket Orkestra had humble origins as buskers in Kensington Market, the band’s ringleader Mark Marczyk spoke to the Chart Attack team about the evolution of LBO and their drive to keep performing live for (and with) their ever-growing audiences. The Lemon Bucket Orkestra by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • Interview: Mix Master Mike July 17, 2017
      Mix Master Mike put on an epic show in Quebec City on Friday and again in Toronto last night. We chatted with him about his tour with Metallica and his new Virtual Reality work. Interview: Mix Master Mike by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • Interview: The Dirty Nil July 14, 2017
      The Dirty Nil played one of their biggest shows in Canada yesterday. We caught up with the band just before the show to talk about opening for The Who, touring and Minimum R&B. Interview: The Dirty Nil by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • Interview: A Tribe Called Red July 13, 2017
      A Tribe Called Red played their biggest show in Quebec yesterday at Festival d'été de Québec. We caught up with Bear Witness just prior to the festival to talk about We are the Halluci Nation. Interview: A Tribe Called Red by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • FEQ in 2 Days! July 4, 2017
      Celebrating their 50th year this summer,  Festival d'été de Québec is throwing an epic bash from July 6th to July 16th. FEQ in 2 Days! by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • Album Review: Prairie Cat’s Is Cary Pratt June 30, 2017
      The unconventional songwriter has been making waves with the release of his fourth album. Album Review: Prairie Cat’s Is Cary Pratt by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.
    • REVIEW: !!! (ChkChkChk) June 17, 2017
      Wednesday, June 14th at the Horseshoe Tavern: dance-punk at its finest REVIEW: !!! (ChkChkChk) by Chart Attack | Chart Attack.

Best Albums of 2015: Magic Pie – King for a Day

Posted by falconi5 on July 23, 2015

Magic Pie – King for a Day (Rating 3.5 out of 5)

magicpieBefore devoting any ear time to King for a Day, the latest L.P. from Retro Rockers Magic Pie, full disclosure and buyer beware warnings must be given.  You must, repeat must be a Styx fan to enjoy this record, and in addition, you must be able to tolerate a wee bit of Progressive Rock along the way.  And we are, and we do, and you should as well. Given the proper ear time, this time warp experience will grow on you.

This one would have fit quite nicely wedged between 1981’s Paradise Theater and 1883’3 Kilroy Was Here, and is a better record than the latter and almost as brilliant as the former.  No small achievement since Paradise Theater is arguably the best album from the Chicago stalwarts for those cultured and quite accurate ears that prefer it over The Grand Illusion.

The opener “King for a Day” would have fit hand-in-glove between “Rockin’ the Paradise” and and “Too Much Time on My Hands” with Eirick Hannsen, lead singer for this band from Norway doing his best pomp and grandeur Dennis DeYoung impersonation, is a perfect opening salvo of an introduction.

The song “Introversion” carries the comparisons to the extreme complete with layered vocals and James Young style guitar licks, and with subsequent listens this turns out to be a very good thing.

The song “Tears Gone Dry” weighs in at a studly 12:13 and holds its own throughout but pales in comparison to the title track, a 27:29 opus that is some sort of bizzaro-world cross between Styx, Kansas and Yes, a listening experience that if enjoyed with the proper lubrication will take you back to the days when you had hair, could take a hit or two without worrying about getting drug tested the next day, and most notably had never heard of Justin Bieber.  You Know, the good old days.



Rockin the Paradise

Too Much Time on my Hands


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