The Orange Humble Band – Depressing Beauty (Rating 4 out of 5)

humbleYear ears called and have requested Depressing Beauty, the stunning new record by The Orange Humble band, as their summer soundtrack jam of 2015.  A shimmering, glistening Power Pop sun fest from this band from Down Under that consists of former Pixies front man Ken Stringfellow, Anthony Bautovich of The Lonely Hearts, Daryl Mather formerly of the Lime Spiders, along with Mitch Easter, each carrying Power Pop Credentials of their own. With this, their first album in 14 years and only their third overall, the band has laid down the gauntlet and are making a strong case for Pop Album of the year, and it’s only July.

Just push play  and let the opener “You Close Your Eyes” envelope you with a scent of Badfinger mixed with a side order Big Star to get the aural party started. The sound has a born on date that could be from thirty years ago, a decade old, or from last week, it is that uniquely cool and fresh.

Keep the buzz going with “The Girl Without a Name,” that has the Country Rock flair of Poco, the Orchestral feel of ELO, and the songwriting of Dawes, all wrapped up in a bow and presented in one hell of a pleasing package. “Conversations with Myself” has a pre-Yoko John Lennon vibe to it, and “Ain’t Tougher than Me” is a beautiful song that showcases the strong vocals of Stringfellow, and is very much Beatle-esque in nature.

The best and most ear candy worthy nugget here is “Sowannadoit” that sounds like Jeff Lynne meets big Starr, and should be on your summer rotation of fun in the sun songs, and “Get Straight Down” covers all of the Power Pop bases.

This is a seriously good record that proves you can go home again, take a bit from the past and mix it with the new to create a sound for the ages.