Leon Bridges – Coming Home (Rating 5 out of 5)

leonThe much-anticipated and recently heavily hyped debut record from Leon Bridges, the latest and greatest Soul Man to hit the scene has finally been released, and Coming Home lives up to the billing, and then some. The reincarnation of Sam Cooke more than delivers with ten Stax inspired Soul specials including the title track, “Twistin’ and Groovin” and the cool as the other side of the pillow “Smooth Sailin'”.  This album is for those people who say they just don’t do it like that anymore.

The production value throughout is over the top-notch, and the velvety smooth vocal levels are set front and center in the mix always shining, never overpowering.  The 60’s style vibe with 20 feet from stardom backing vocals is a retro feeling in the best of all possible ways, and the delicately poised Booker T style organ delicately in puts the groove back in groovy.

“Pull Away” is a gorgeous stunner accompanied by 60’s girl group backing vocals, and “River” is an acoustic, vocal tour de force with Leon’s voice floating on a cloud of acoustic guitar and tambourine. There is not a bad apple in this barrel.

Much like that first time you were able to get beyond first base with your girlfriend, Coming Home is way better than you thought it would be, and is a full body, happy ending experience that will stay with you for many a moon.