Afterpartees – Glitter Lizard (Rating 4 out of 5)

afterIf the house band in Rock and Roll heaven was Big Star fronted by Lou Reed with a touch of Replacements thrown in to give them that ramshackle feel, you would come pretty close to capturing the Power Pop/Glam/Punk incendiary sound of Afterpartees and their really terrific debut album, Glitter Lizzard.

Hailing from The Netherlands, these guys paint from the 70’s rock palate that colors from Power Pop, Garage Rock Flamin’ Groovies style, CBGB influenced Punk, and Velvet Underground era Lou Reed along with other rather cool 70’s inspired influences.  From the opener “Loverboy Loco” that features Replacements guitar licks, to “Gucci Ballad” a song that has a certain 60’s Surf Rock aura surrounding it, all the way to “Bathroom Floor” that turns up the snarl and the Power Pop all the way to 11, the entire set is ears to the wall fun.

“Power Animal” is a real up-tempo Rocker that builds to a fine mini explosion, and “Stuck on the Nightshift” is a low and slow ballad that should be covered by The Old 97’s or Ryan Adams if they know what is good for them. So set that Hot Tub Time Machine setting back to the streets of 70’s New York and check out Richard Hell and The Velvet Underground opening up for Afterpartees where the band will be playing Glitter Lizard in its entirety. You will be glad you made the trip.