Boom goes the dynamite!!, game on!!  Usually, the first couple of release dates of the year include a lot of cares about them anyway reissues, over exposed pop artists, or throw away bands that don’t really care if they are included in the best of year-end frenzy. But this year, in 2015, the horses are breaking out of the gate big time, and there even some records with that sweet smell of end-of-year perfume all over them.

The much-anticipated Sleater Kinney release No Cities to Love, is an as advertised Post-Punk gem, and a welcome return for the band after a decade of hibertation.

Ryan Bingham continues to startle the ears with the same mix of Americana real person storytelling he presented in Crazy Heart on Fear and Saturday Night.

And did we mention that The Decemberists are back. O yeah, and we already have cleared off a space in the top ten attic for What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World.  Pure Pop for pure people.

Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance from Bell courtesy of Belle and Sebastian is a bit of a twee little album, but sunshine, sweetness, and light can be refreshing sometimes. Even a bit of disco every now and then can keep the blood moving.