First Aid Kit – America (Rating 4 out of 5)

firstaidkitamericaHere it is. The first record to make the first Best Album of the Year list fo 2015.  Well sort of.  Sure it is an EP, and we are going to have to carefully review the Falcon’s Nest by-laws to see if a release with less than five songs on it can realistically be considered an album, but hey, it is First Aid Kit after all.

Released in January, 2015, America is a set of four songs from the siren sisters of Sweden that feature songs from their critically and Falcon’s Nest acclaimed 2014 release Stay Gold along with additional tracks.

With all due respect to the Stockholm Session versions of “My Silver Lining” and “Stay Gold” presented here, and not intending at all to short change the here-to-for previously unreleased gem “Brother,” the real center of the musical universe here is “America,” the Simon and Garfunkel tune that is performed picture perfectly with all of the bone chilling harmonies intertwining in just the right places, with just the right emphasis to make the song a very early contender for song of the year.