playlistsAnother playlist with no real them but just some songs we like and have been kicking around here in The Falcon’s Nest. The Rick Derringer sandwich starts with the Johnny Winter classic “Cheap Tequila” from his debut solo album, a classic in its own right that includes “Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo.”

The song “Mutineer” is one of the many undiscovered gems from Warren Zevon and can be found as the last track on the album of the same name. If you were making a song list of the best songs to be the last tune on the album, this one would definitely on there. The version here is a live one and is worth noting as it is the last live performance on David Letterman.

“Sittin and Thinkin” by Elvis Costello was made famous mostly by Charlie Rich, but this version from Almost Blue is scores better, although Chuck Mead does a pretty stout one as well. Never straying far from the psychedelic wonderland, Jellyfish and “The King is Half Undressed” is one of those epic songs. Jellyfish never really take themselves too seriously and that is a pretty cool thing.

Always stop and listen when “Waterloo Sunset” comes on.  Check out a studio version to eargasmically capture the joie de vie of this song. “Whiskey” warns us not to play anything mellow at The Whiskey and if we do our musical insurance better be paid up.

“Salt and Smoke” is the best song from last years Restless Hearts EP by the Chicago band Roxy Swain. The song is great and we are not only saying that because they sent us a vinyl copy of the record. It is a very cool song.

Everybody knows the song “Into the Ocean” by Blue October, but “Sway” from the album of the same name released in 2013 is equally good, in fact I am not sure this band is capable of putting out a bad song.  “Laid” the bombastic anthem from the band James must be heard at least once a month, so here it is.

St. Vincent, the singer not the movie, and her self titled album has been rated in the top five of most of the year end best-of lists, and “Birth in Reverse” is one of those songs you will come back to often. The Replacements can show up on pretty much every playlist, and here we were in the mood for “Bastards of the Young” from Tim an album that should be on your desert island list.

Jenny Lewis is another artist that is never far off our radar and it seemed appropriate to go with some vintage Rilo Kiley and “Silver Lining” from their first album.  And since Dum Dum Girls are back after a many years absence we felt the urge to include the song “Rimbaud Eyes” for some 80’s style dream pop at it’s finest, “Do You” by Spoon might be the best song of 2014.

And finally as a tribute “Hang on Sloopy” takes us away via the way back machine on this version with Rick Derringer and the late Johnny Winter.