playlistThe Falcon’s Nest Weekend Playlist is a video journey of the sights and sounds that are swirling around The Falcon’s Nest during a given weekend. Sometimes there is a theme, more often than not, there is no theme, just random meanderings from a sometimes unstable mind.

01. Bryan Ferry – All Along the Watchtower

This one is a series of live performance Roxy Music leader Bryan Ferry recorded in support of his highly excellent Bob Dylan covers album, Dylanesque, proving once again that Ferry is an interpreter of song of the highest order.

02.  Jack White – I’m Shakin

Jack White is hot right now with the release of his latest record, Lazarreto. This one goes back to the Blunderbuss and features White guitar dueling with himself. This one will keep your feet moving.

03.  Sturgill Simpson – Turtles All the Way Down

If you have not checked out his latest, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music, check it out now.  It might be the album of the year, any genre.

04. Old 97’s – Let’s Get Drunk and Get it On

Rhett Miller and the boys show in 2014 that they still have it.  With Ryan Adams in hibernation until later this year, and Wilco softening up a it, The Old 97’s might be the best Americana band going.

05. John Fullbright – Happy

His new eloquently titled album Songs is an undiscovered gem.  Do your ears a favor, and discover it soon.

06. Paul Weller – My Ever Changing Moods

One of the favorites of The Falcon’s Nest, and part of our campaign to get Paul Weller knighted as well as inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. There is still a lot of work to do, but we will never give up.

07. Secret Sisters – Rattle My Bones

Right up there with First Aid Kit, The Secret Sisters have crafted one of the best songs of 2014.

08. Paul McCartney – Early Days

From New, his latest album this song is loosely based on the early formative years of The Beatles going back to the time that Paul and John got together. As most everything Sir Paul touches, the video is first class all the way. We’re still not sure what Johnny Depp is doing there, but heck, he seems to be everywhere these days.

09.  Night Ranger – Knock,Knock Never Stop

Not a particularly great song or video from their latest release, but it’s Night Ranger, and it’s Rock and Roll, and it’s all good. “I need a long tall sally to keep me up all night, knock  knock never stop.”

10.  Holly Williams – Drinkin’

Somehow, this song seems a bit more pure coming from the pedigree of Holly Williams, the granddaughter of the king of Americana and Country music.

11.  Spoon – Inside Out

Waiting,waiting, the new Spoon album will be out soon.  Enough said.

12.  The Belle Brigade – Loser

Going back to 2011 when we were first introduced to the pitch-perfect harmonies of The Belle Brigade.

13.  Jackson Browne w Crosby,Stills, and Nash – The Pretender

Pimpin’ old-school here with a superb quality rendition of “The Pretender,”  a very underrated song, from a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance in Madison Square Garden.

14.  Lee Fields – Just Can’t Win

You can’t spell soul without including Lee Fields, from the excellent Emma Jean.

15. Whitehorse – I’m on Fire

A sparse, highly emotive version of the Springsteen classic from husband and wife Blues/Rock/Americana duo Whitehorse.