buffaloSometimes you want your bands to just look like rock stars, and Buffalo Killers do just that.  With an old school 70’s James Gang look, this quartet from Cincinnati hits the wah wah pedal going all the way back to the early 70’s, smashing through the Lynyrd Skynyrd late 70’s, pausing in the 90’s somewhere to borrow some power pop from Matthew Sweet, before rewinding back to the 80’s with some Cheap Trick influences, and it’s all cool.

With ear worm hooks galore, every song has a memorable guitar riff, multi-part harmonies, or emphatic drumming that makes for a fun listen all the way through. Borrowing from just about every band you like including Mountain, Elvis Costello, Joe Walsh, Wilco, and The Guess Who, while the songs are not terribly original, they are perfect for cranking up poolside, or riding with the top down heading to your favorite beach.

The opener “Poison Berry Tide” is Girlfriend era Matthew Sweet, while “This Girl Has Grown” has a distinct Rockpile feel to it with hint of Elvis Costello. Sure it all has been done before, but it is still pretty cool to hear a band stretch their influences like this in 2014.   Much like tuning into your favorite Classic Rock radio station, there is not a lot of cohesion to this record.  A rock opera it’s not, but that’s not the point. This will surely be one of your favorite retro listens of the year.