myfiveFor those that are not familiar with The Falcon’s Nest My Five, whenever we run into fellow music minded mates we will ask them what their top five songs are. It is a much less confusing question than people make it out to be, and the less thinking the better will usually garner the best results.  On this particular Saturday Night, I engaged the question to  a particularly dapper cowboy looking gentlemen sporting a nice jacket, and a hat that would make Lyle Lovett proud. Five songs, no problem. Unfortunately it was a problem for him to come up with his five songs.  It cost me buying him a drink to extricate myself, however from what I was able to gather, he likes anything by Tammy Wynette, and not much else. Thankfully, as I was flashing the bartender the universal sign for “have my drink waiting for me in the thirty seconds it will take for me to get back to my bar stool” said barkeeper not only had my drink ready to go, he also had a My Five ready and waiting, and quite a good one at that.

Burke’s musical tastes are wide, sprawling, and eclectically cool.  His tastes veer towards the Americana/No Depression highway, with a particular nod to The Old 97’s.  Burke has never steered me wrong in his musical selections, and on this night he certainly did not disappoint. His top five songs of the moment include a selection from jam band Trampled by Turtles, a Jimmy Cliff classic from The Harder They Come soundtrack, a song with the hippest title I have heard in a month of Saturdays with “Such Pretty Eyes for a Snake,” and one of the better cover versions you will hear in Town Mountain’s take on I’m on Fire.” Oh yeah, I almost forgot, the Old 97’s are supremely represented with “Barrier Reef.”

Thanks Burke!

Trampled by Turtles – Wait so Long

Old 97’s – Barrier Reef

Town Mountain – I’m on Fire

Jimmy Cliff – Sitting in Limbo

Magnolia Electric Co. – Such Pretty Eyes for a Snake