falconsnest2As a public service, The Falcon’s Nest is often called upon by families on their behalf to calibrate the musical tastes of a loved one.  This particular intervention given the artists the individual selected to be the first to be played through her new set of ear buds was not going to go down easy. After hearing her selections of Colbie Callet, Adele, Robin Thicke, Pink, Sarah Borales, Justin Timberlake and Aerosmith, it was clear something needed to be done STAT.

The playlist below features a pretty cool mix of new and semi-new songs that travel the road from Rock to Pop with plenty of Soul and Blues. The Alabama Shakes from a couple of years ago are here along with the male version, St. Paul and the Broken Bones. The War on Drugs made the cut, as did the fun disco tinged pop of Neon Trees. The harder Rock is turned up with our favorite of the Classic Rock style bands Rival Sons, and new generation rockers storm the castle in the form of The Ruen Brothers.

London Grammer and A Great Big World slow things down a bit while First Aid Kit and Foy Vance are definitely two artists that should be high on your musical radar. Joan as Policewoman with Holy City may be the best of the lot.

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