The Men – Tomorrow’s Hits (Rating 4 out 5)

menWith Tomorrow’s Hits the fifth proper full-length album, Brooklyn based Indie Rock band The Men have delivered their best, most mature set to date. Embracing but not quite emulating the sounds of early Bob Seger, present day Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, with a particularly cool dose of The Kinks sprinkled in, the vibe is present-day fresh.

The landscape and textures of each song are diverse enough to keep things interesting, and the production value is straight up 70’s Rock and Roll.  If you are a fan of The E Street Band, or Neil Young’s Crazy Horse you will love this record.

The song “Pearly Gates” has Ramones style surf guitar sound with a wicked horn section, and “Different Days” could have been on a Replacements album, and “Another Night” has a real cool Joe Jackson swing to it.

There seems to be a lot of stylistic experimentation going on here, but it all works. Listen to this record cranked up while you are driving at least 75 mph down the freeway.