handsome For those of you still suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal pains, Handsome as Sin and their kick-ass good E.P. Tell Me How You Died will cure your funk, grow hair on your chest, and make you reach for that bottle of Viagra. After a couple of listens to this album and their intoxicating combination of Rock, ZZ Top (Pre-Sharp Dressed Man) Texas Boogie, Lynryd Skynryd riffing Country Rock, and Social Distortion Post Punk I moved all of my chips to the center of the table and was all in.  Jack White only wishes he could pull this off in only 8 songs.

The band consists mainly of Max Waller and Chuck Rivera with Waller handling the vocal duties with a strong set of pipes that makes one wonder if he might be the love child of Paul Rodgers and Roger Daltry, his instrument is that powerful. The Band is loud and rowdy for sure, but there is also a whole lot of grit and spirit in the songwriting as well.  There is very much an old school L.A.-Noir landscape that is painted on most of the songs, and any one of them would fit in quite nicely in a James Ellroy novel, a Quentin Tarantino Grindhouse movie, or an episode of Sons of Anarchy.  With song titles like “Tell Me How You Died,” “Outlaw,” “Shambles,” and “All I Want’s a Beer” it will just take one listen and you will see what I mean.

The real centerpiece of the E.P. is the song and accompanying video for “Nothin’ Worse.” The song is dark and disturbing in an Alfred Hitchcock sort of way, the video even more so, and listening  to the song stand alone after watching the video enters into spine chilling territory.  Check out the video below. It is a mini movie.

This is a definite Jack and Coke sort of record, and after a couple of listens and more whiskey your inner Benjamin Button will kick in, you will feel much younger and you just might head for the Sunset Strip to check these guys out live. They are the real Rock and Roll deal.

Thanks to the band for sending me the link to this video.