Austin based Quite Company are poised to be the next big thing in Indie Pop. With an anthemic brand of Orchestral Pop that draws comparisons to a less political U2, a much cooler Muse, and an entirely more listenable Coldplay, the band is ready to grab some of your ear time.

quietWinners of 10 Austin Music Awards, their blend of punchy orchestrated pop, is as infectious as it is bombastic.  With a bit of a Post Punk attitude thrown into the mix with a heavy dose of horns and string arrangements against a back drop of simmering harmonies, makes things diverse and dynamic at the same time.

A Dead Man on My Back:Shine Honest Revisited released in 2013 is a bit more introspective than their earlier albums with the orchestral arrangements turned up to 11 to finish many of the songs on the record in a pleasing crescendo-like fashion. With singer and main songwriter Taylor Muse in control the songs wander from moments of hushed intimacy to explosive firework displays in the blink of an ear. The Beach Boys influence is also present throughout many of their songs.

The closest comparisons to be made here are to Arcade Fire, Death Cab For Cutie, or The National, only these guys are better. This is a unique band with a template that should stand the test of time and separate them from from the pack in an already extremely crowded music scene.

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