2014If we have learned anything in 2013, it is that Rock is definitely not dead, and in fact, it is very much alive and well despite what the billboard charts might tell you. The Savages , Deap Vally, and Haim, are just three of the all girl estrogen Rock bands that played with our ears this year. Laurel Canyon Rock moseyed on in with fabulous efforts from Jonathan Wilson, Band of Horses, and Mikal Cronin. All in all, if there was to be a vote, 2013 was probably slightly more interesting than 2012 in a large part due to the resurgence of some really big name acts including Paul McCartney, Elton John, Rod Stewart, and David Bowie, all with new records released in 2013.

We are especially encouraged with the proliferation of real harder edged Rock bands that are bubbling just under the surface, and should have a breakthrough year in 2014.  Here are five kick-ass bands we have our eyeballs on.

The Temperence Movement

Much in the Rival Sons, Black Crowes, Lynyrd Skynyrd mold. The temperance Movement plays good old Classic Rock Style riffs with an energy that we have not seen since the 70’s.  With the release of the E.P. Pride in 2013, and their self-titled debut album released in the fall of 2013, this British Hard Rock Band will be a force to be reckoned with in 2014.

The Virgin Mary’s

Post Punk combined with Grunge and Classic Rock riffs, despite being around since 2006, with their latest release King of Conflict in 2013, these blokes from Macclesfield, England are ready to hit the big time in 2014.

The Ruen Brothers

This one will be one of the most anticipated releases in 2014 if their 2013 E.P. Blood Runs Wild is any indication. Henry and Rupert Ruen spin an aggressive edge on early influences Roy Orbison and The Everly Brothers.


Granted, leaning to the Metal side of the Rock spectrum Purson might not be everyone’s particular cup of tea, however based on the new release The Circle and the Blue Door, that features Rosie Cunningham a spooky hybrid of Joan Jett and Elvira on vampish vocals. the horror organ alone and the 70’s Sabbath guitar riffs are to really good reasons to check out his band of English twenty somethings.

The Graveltones

With their debut album available on pre-order now, The Graveltones  are another one of those guitar/drum White Stripes style bands, this time from Australia. When you are compared to Howling Wolf, Rage Against the Machine, and Bob Dylan, your ears just might be poised for something very special in the new year.