theolmsThe Olms are likely one of a few bands on this list you may not be familiar with. Relatively new, they formed in 2011, the Olms are the songwriting duo of J.D. King and Pete Yorn, one of the new wave of Power Pop Princes. Their sound is decidedly retro with elements of Pirate Radio Britt Pop, Laurel Canyon Cosmic Cowboy, and 60’s Haight Ashbury Psychedelic Rock.  In other words, they are a combination of everything that is good and holy in music.

Trading off on vocals and playing all of the instruments Yorn and King have created an organic and relaxed album that brings to mind The Everly Brothers, Poco, The Loving Spoonful, Donovan, with even The Walker Brothers making an appearance here and there. 

The songs can get a little bubble gum in places, but that is a minor fault. “Someone Else’s Girl” could have been a hit in 1966, and “A Bottle of Wine, etc.” even bears a passing resemblance to The Tremelos song of almost the same name.

These guys would definitely been a hit on Top of the Pops, and we can’t wait for them to record a covers album.