Minor Alps – Get There (rating 5 out of 5)

minorWhen a group that seems to be the Indie Rock equivalent of Buckingham Nicks, our ears perk up in anticipation, and that is exactly what we get from jump street with Get There, the debut album from Minor Alps.  With Matt Caws of Nada Surf playing the Buckingham role, and Juliana Hatfield channelling her inner Stevie Nicks, this is an album that Fleetwood Mac would have made if they had been formed in the new millennium instead of the late 70’s.

The duet vocals work to perfection right alongside the harmonies, with each artist sharing the lead on different tracks. “I Don’t Know What To Do With My Hands” turns the pop up to rock a bit and shows off the guitar skills, and “Buried Plans” is a bit on the “Shadow Captain” side. 

Musically, Minor Alps walks the neo Laurel Canyon, Cosmic  Cowboy sound that is all the rage these days with Dawes, Mumford and Sons, and others, but also show the ability to step out and stretch their harder edged chops. “Far From the Roses” is a masterful symphonic, brilliantly textured song that would be perfect for riding down highway 1 with the top down, and “If I Wanted Trouble” displays the absolute chemistry of the two artists showing the collaboration is just as strong on the songwriting front as it is vocally.

If you buy the Haim record before you buy this one, you should have your ears examined.