ruen2We are calling our shot now.  The Ruen Brothers will be one of the best new bands of 2014 and their album to be released next year will be the album of the year. If you don’t believe us check out the new E.P. Blood Runs Wild.

The blueprint for the duo that consists of Rupert (Guitar/Vox/Harmonica) and Henry (Lead Vox/Guitar) Stansall from Scunthorpe England, with a style that comes straight from man in black sun records, and a sound that starts somewhere in the early sixties, goes up to about 1969 or so, then jumps right up to the present day.  Don’t be surprised if another sub genre springs up to describe these guys.

Combine some killer Richards style riffs, Little Milton harmonica blasts, Roy Orbison vocals, and a Phil Spector wall of sound back beat, and you pretty much have the Ruen Brothers.  The melodies and hooks are insane, the song writing is terrific, and the energy is ear numbing in a very good way.

The boys have recently moved from their Steel town to London and to make their name in the big city. The E.P. includes four stellar eargasmic songs including “Walk Like a Man” with Rupert whipping out a couple of gnarly harmonica interludes.  Picture Elvis fronting the White Stripes on this one and you would be close.

The title track of the E.P. is a bit of Johnny Rivers surf guitar with the supremely cool fuzz turned up a bit with a little bit of a Billy Idol vocal going on in places, and Depeche Mode in others W-T-F?, yes it’s true, hell to the yeah. This acoustic version does not do the song justice, treat your ears and find the original.

The song “White Lies” veers to a bit of a different course  with a sprinkling of an INXS vibe along with some really stellar guitar work, and yes, there is a cowbell.

“Hold Me Tight” takes us in the wayback machine all the way back to Roy Orbison territory with some Stray Cats and Elvis thrown in for good measure. The video below is the ep. version from a BBC session.

Busily honing their craft, they are also paying attention to the video side of the business, and with “Aces” their first full length video we get a bird’s eye view of how their image is being crafted on this Chris Isaak sounding epic. 

If these guys continue to vary the sound a bit song to song while keeping to the core elements (whatever those elements may be we are still not entirely sure) this band is going to go a very long way.