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Best Albums of 2012: Dylan Mondegreen – Dylan Mondegreen

Posted by falconi5 on September 25, 2012

Dylan Mondegreen – Dylan Mondegreen (Rating 4.5 out of 5)

There definitely is something cooking in Sweden other than meatballs, and combined with the fantastic Jens Lekman album I Know What Love Isn’t, and now Dylan Mondegreen’sself titled new album, the slamming Swedes may have just locked two spots in the top 10 albums for 2012.

Dyaln Mondegreen has not been given a perfect 5 rating only because we have not spent enough time on this organically beautiful album, and we are firmly convinced that after uncovering some of the yet to be explored layers that a butterfly might actually fly out of the speakers. Dylan Mondegreen is the nom de plume of singer songwriter Borge Sildnes, and if you have been paying attention, he has delivered mostly perfect pop tunes since his 2007 release While I Walk You Home that features one of the great under the radar songs “Wishing Well”, very much worth checking out.

This time out Dylan has created a very adult record with themes of fatherhood, old age, and love presented against a beautiful backdrop of multi-layered strings, perfectly balanced orchestration, and honest vocal delivery, all courtesy of producer Ian Catt, most recently with St. Etienne. On “Come Tomorrow” , the best song on the record, female vocalist Maria Due pops up to share vocal duties with their voices blending perfectly with the almost other worldly string arrangements. “Yesterday When I was Young” is a poignant song coming from the perspective of a man who clearly is in the right spot in his life and is aging very gracefully. Weighing in at a perfectly paced nine songs, the album does not overstay its welcome, and in fact you wish it would hang around a bit for another glass of wine or two.

Don’t let all the beauty and grace stop you from enjoying this album if you are afraid of that sort of thing. There is also a distinct and cool Indie Pop aura wafting throughout his album in a Prefab Sprout sort of way.  Ultimately all’s I can say about this album is that after listening to it front to back a couple of times is that it makes me supremely happy, and that is a very good thing.

Key Tracks

  • Castaway
  • Come Tomorrow
  • Tears All Over Town

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