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    • Swamp81's Stage At Born & Bred Has Been Cancelled May 31, 2016
      "Due to circumstances beyond our control..."The Swamp81 stage at this year's Born & Bred festival has been cancelled. The Rinse-backed London event has endured a troubled time over the past few weeks, with organisers cancelling Azealia Banks' headline slot following a spate of offensive social media posts. As a result, Kahn & Neek […]
    • Premiere: Slow Steve - 'Bali' May 31, 2016
      From new album 'Adventures'...Slow Steve is a new project from ex-Fenster member Rémi Letournelle. Curious pop with a tropical slant, the loose knit collective's inquisitive approach seems to take them into unexpected places. Debut album 'Adventures' is forthcoming, with Clash able to officially unfurl new cut 'Bali'. Sayet […]
    • Premiere: Only Yours - 'Different' May 31, 2016
      Indie meets pop in the streets of Toronto...Only Yours is a new project from Toronto, aiming to match indie against pop. It's an oft replicated mixture, but one rarely completed with such applomb, with such fervour, as with this rising Canadian quartet. "I'm hugely excited by pop music" says singer Lowell Sostomi. "I grew up digging […]
    • Elton John: The Sound Of A Wonderful New Life May 31, 2016
      Musical knight faces up to personal changes on his daring new album...Two years ago, when Clash last held court with Elton John, we caught him in a rare moment of nostalgia, reminiscing over his legendary 1973 album, ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’, which established him as one of the world’s most colourful performers and, ultimately, the most successful - he st […]
    • Todd Terje For Beat-Herder Festival May 31, 2016
      More names added for summer event...Todd Terje is amongst the latest names to be added to the line up for Beat-Herder Festival. Held in a Lancashire valley Beat-Herder is about as close to the halcyon atmosphere of early rave culture as its possible to get. Assembling a broad-minded bill, Beat-Herder shuffles effortlessly from dub to techno, rock to hip-hop. […]
    • Premiere: Clarence Clarity x Pizza Boy Pair Up On 'Splitting Hairs' May 31, 2016
      Colourful alt pop auteur heads in a fresh direction...Clarence Clarity released his debut album last year, an imaginative, endlessly curious alt pop document. Since then, though, he's only gotten bolder. Now working entirely independently, new cut 'Splitting Hairs' finds Clarence operating alongside a fresh collaborator. St. Louis rapper Pizza […]
    • Ryley Walker Announces New Album May 31, 2016
      Check out new cut 'The Halfwit In Me'Ryley Walker is set to release new album 'Golden Sings That Have Been Sung' on August 19th. Ryley Walker isn't someone to simply sit around twiddling his thumbs. Utilising Kerouac's old idiom of 'first thought, best thought' the songwriter hurls himself into project after project. N […]
    • Live Gallery: Fetty Wap - Hammersmith Apollo, London May 31, 2016
      Hip-hop kingpin lands in the capital...Fetty Wap does things his own way. Deeply independent from a young age, the rapper has never been content to rest in someone else's shadow. Releasing his debut album last year, Fetty Wap's potent rise has been absolutely explosive. Touching down in London for a sold out show at Hammersmith Apollo, fans queued […]
    • God Damn Blaze A Trail On 'Ghosts' May 31, 2016
      It rocks hard...God Damn aren't messing around. The band released debut album 'Vultures' last year, but they're already hard at work coughing up a sequel. New cut 'Ghosts' is online, and it rocks hard. God Damn slay as furiously as ever, yet broaden their sound just a little in the process. Singer Thom Edward explains that ‘Ghos […]
    • Live Report: James Blake - Village Underground, London May 31, 2016
      Electro-soul troubadour returns to London with an eye on the dancefloor…“Thanks for being guinea pigs to this big test...” James Blake is as self-effacing as ever, further telling the audience packed to the brim with lovers, ex-lovers, stoners and parents, that the ensuing set list would consist of mostly new material. Material taken from his third release ‘ […]
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Best Albums of 2012: Delicate Steve ‘Positive Force’

Posted by falconi5 on July 11, 2012


New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion, better known to music lovers as Delicate Steve, undoubtedly believes in the D.I.Y. aesthetic. Not only did he play everything on his second album, Positive Force, himself, he engineered and mixed the whole damn thing on his own. But Positive Force never feels like an airless, claustrophobic kind of project, as so many bedroom pop records by one-man bands can. Instead, it’s a light, breezy affair that seems to take its title quite literally. Steve is part of the New York-centered indie art-pop scene that includes acts like Dirty Projectors, Yeasayer, and Callers, and like them, he makes life-affirming music that’s about opening up to possibilities and embracing as many musical colors as one can comfortably keep together under one aesthetic roof. Call it “Yes Wave” as opposed to No Wave.


On Positive Force, Steve‘s muse leads him from the homey and pastoral to the spacey and celestial, but his incisive guitar work is at the core of everything. You might be tempted to label this predominantly instrumental album post-rock, but it contains none of the cerebral, lab-experiment feel sometimes associated with that tag. There’s an undeniable world music lilt to these tracks, which may be part of the reason Delicate Steve ended up on the internationally minded Luaka Bop label in the first place. If anything, it’s a pan-ethnic sensibility that plays out over the course of the record, as Hawaiian-tinged slide guitar lines tumble out over grooves that mix Caribbean and African influences with who knows what else. For what it’s worth, Steve himself actually claims that classic rock was a primary inspiration for the album. If that means the guitar lines that are the focus of each song — and sometimes they do admittedly have a George Harrison feel to them — are built to last, then it all makes perfect sense.

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