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    • These Public Enemy Action Figures Are Outstanding July 25, 2016
      And they're available soon...The first ever Public Enemy action figure set has been announced. The hip-hop giants will be immortalised in figurine form by Japan's PressPop Inc, who will utilise the group's classic 80s line up. Fans can claim action figure representations of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, and Terminator X, with design c […]
    • Spotlight Special: Jay Z - Reasonable Doubt July 25, 2016
      Perhaps the purest distillation of Jay Z’s musical manifesto...Critical consensus now holds that Jay Z’s debut album is a bona fide classic, but it’s worth noting that when ‘Reasonable Doubt’ first surfaced in the summer of 1996 it was met with a markedly more mixed reception. The LP dropped just as hip-hop was beginning to fracture into two distinct ideolog […]
    • Listen: Blooms - 'Distance' July 25, 2016
      Irish chanteuse with a dark take on R&B...Blooms is an Irish-born, London-based chanteuse, a singer with a quite singular vision. R&B noir that is as seductive as it is deadly, the handful of tracks that have made their way to the web have caused a ripple of hype online. New cut 'Distance' will only intensify the clamour around her name. Th […]
    • Complete Guide: Wild Beasts July 25, 2016
      Assessing their enthralling opening quartet...It’s rare to find a band whose growth into maturity is so overt and easily traceable as Wild Beasts. The quartet emerged wide-eyed and dripping wet from the Lake District in the mid-00s, a blinking quartet of long-haired teens with a penchant for silliness. Cut forward ten years and they are the sleek, self-assur […]
    • Premiere: Harper - 'Skin' July 25, 2016
      Evocative, intimate pop music with a stylish twist...Harper is blossoming. The singer originally hails from Bristol, but has grown to embrace the world. Evocative, intimate pop music with a stylish twist, Harper's new EP drops on July 29th. New cut 'Skin' airs first on Clash, and it's a gossamer, hypnotic piece of pop music. Seductive, pl […]
    • Premiere: Cairobi - 'Lupo' July 25, 2016
      Spectacular animated clip...Cairobi's music comes laced with colour. The band fuse tropical tones with blissed out psych-pop, an LSD soaked sugarcube dissolved into a glass of mango juice. New cut 'Lupo' is an outrageously infectious summer hymnal, with the chugging bassline set against an evocative vocal that drips in youthful nostalgia. The […]
    • Jackmaster - DJ-Kicks July 25, 2016
      Hard dancefloor graft from a true technician...His name now adorning the mix compilation ‘big two’, Jack ‘Jackmaster’ Revill blew the ‘FABRICLIVE’ franchise wide open with a high energy criss-cross featuring some glorious, ‘oh he dropped that?’ old-skool anthems. His ‘DJ-Kicks’ show will have to go some to beat that. The variations aren’t as wild, but that d […]
    • Shakespeare Refashioned: Designer Studio July 25, 2016
      Selfridges taps Mary McCartney for a new short.The ruff has long held a place of sorts in the fashion industry, from lace varieties at McQueen to the modern interpretations displayed at Charles Jeffrey; never quite reaching trend status, it remains on the fringes as a historic reference point from which to draw inspiration. The accessory du jour circa the 16 […]
    • In Conversation: Beaty Heart July 25, 2016
      Picking apart the trio's sizzling return...‘Creative’ is an overused and diluted word especially when it comes to music. However, in the case of Peckham bred three-piece Beaty Heart, their creative blood continue to flow today just as they did when they formed. First coming together as an artistic collective of sorts, they plied their trade as artists a […]
    • Premiere: Emotional - 'Hawaii' July 25, 2016
      London-based electronic pop with an experimental bent...Emotional like to bring together opposites. A duo, their sound fuses pop with the experimental, perfect equipment with shattered gear, digital sounds with fragmented field recordings. The pair will release their debut album via MÏLK on September 9th, with Clash able to share new cut 'Hawaii'. […]
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The Falcons Nest My Five: Jeff R.

Posted by falconi5 on April 26, 2012

The “My Five” series is a man on the street kind of interview where at a random time in a random place we ask someone what their five favorite songs are.

Jeff R. – Late 20…ish

We ran in to Jeff at Sheakespears a local blues joint in my neighborhood blues bar. Who knew that Willie S. was a blues fan.  I am convinced that Jeff is an alien.  He was by far the youngest person in the bar and by far the coolest person there as well.  His musical choices were old school and I really liked the guy. An old school soul in a contemprary form, the future is in good hands.  Here are his top five songs.

Jamie Cullum – The Wind Cries Mary

Norah Jones – Come Away With Me

REO Speedwagon – Golden Country

Yes – Roundabout

John Cleary – Portstreet Blues


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