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Video of the Day: The Staves – Blood I Bled

Posted by falconi5 on October 19, 2014

stavesFrom their upcoming E.P.

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Video of the Day: Yesterday’s Wine – Jamey Johnson & Geroge Jones w/Blackberry Smoke

Posted by falconi5 on October 17, 2014

jameyA classic song, and a dynamite collaboration featuring the best of the new and the old.  When George Jones sings “You give the appearance of one widely traveled, lord I bet you’ve seen things in your time,” you are pretty sure he is talking about himself.

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Video of the Day: Foxygen – How Can You Really

Posted by falconi5 on October 16, 2014

foxygenSometimes disheveled, sometimes brilliant, mostly psychedelic, …..And Starpower, the latest from Foxygen is a pretty daring work.

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Rock Chick of the Day: Sallie Ford – Coulda Been

Posted by falconi5 on October 14, 2014

sallieHaving shed her band The Sound Outside, Sallie Ford has put together a new all girl band for her latest release, Slap Back, and in the process has created a fun, garage sound that rattles the bones with her volatile sound.

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Best Albums of 2014: Ben Glover – Atlantic

Posted by falconi5 on October 12, 2014

Ben Glover – Atlantic  (Rating 4 out of 5)

bengloverBen Glover might be the love child of Vance Joy and Steve Earle. Northern Ireland based, he splits his time between his home country and the American Southwest, and it shows all over Atlantic, one of the best auditory adventures your ears will embark on all year. While the album has the feel of wandering into a kick-ass open mic night in terms of the looseness vibe that seems to wash over you, in the hands of a true professional, everything feels mellow and thought provoking.

The Americana landscape of the journey shows up on “Too Long Gone,” a song that comes right from the Ray Wylie Hubbard school of back-alley noir, and “Old Soul” has the songwriting chops of back in the day Steve Earle with a voice that is fairly similar. The Rock moments on the record never push things out of bounds, but rather provide an energy that Tesla would be proud of, and on “Take and Pay” Glover displays his rock chops in spades.

And oh yeah, the guy can flat out write, check out the pull you into the portrait imagery of “Prisoner” with the stunning opening lines:

She, she told me
She hid the gun in the potter’s field
Covered it in delta mud
Underneath the pecan tree
She drew a map
On my hand with a red ink pen
Said ‘Meet me here in the parking lot
Don’t say a word, I swear to God’

And it get’s better, like a Cormac McCarty novel. Having cut his chops playing songs from The Pogues in Boston Bars, and Dylan and Johnny Cash in the pubs of his home town of Glenarm, Ireland, the intersection of both worlds is working to perfection. You will come for the songs, but you will stay for the lyrics, which probably comes as no surprise as he wrote many of these songs with Mary Gauthier, Gretchen Peters, Neilsson Hubbard, and Rod Picott.  This one might be the best record of the year.  Stay tuned.



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Live Video of the Day: Rival Sons – Open My Eyes (Live on David Letterman)

Posted by falconi5 on October 11, 2014

rivalRival Sons deliver a scorching version of “Open My Eyes” from their classic new album Great Western Valkyrie on their first appearance on the David Letterman Show.

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Best Albums of 2014: Jackson Browne – Standing in the Breach

Posted by falconi5 on October 8, 2014

Jackson Browne – Standing in the Breach (Rating 3.5 out of 5)

jacksonBy all accounts, Jackson Browne, with the release of his first studio recording since 2008, has produced some of his best music in at least a decade with Standing in the Breach.

The trademark Laurel Canyon Cosmic Cowboy vibe shows up in spades on “Leaving Winslow”, for those scoring at home the locale is also name checked in the Eagles song “Take it Easy,” and “The Birds of St. Marks” with its Byrds sensibilities could have shown up on The Pretender, which makes much sense since Browne started writing the song he has been playing live for years now in 1967.

“If I could be anywhere” is a lyrically dense song that has a certain Paul McCartney vibe to it, and “Here,” the album closer, is a classic Jackson Browne love song of the break-up variety that is form-fitting with some of his later work and could have appeared on The Naked Ride Home and vocally here he sounds a bit like John Lennon.

Generally staying off his political high horse Browne can’t seem to help himself on “Which Side,” a song title that pretty much speaks for itself.

This is a good record. His stint appearing with groups like Dawes and Mumford and Sons seems to have kept him musically hip and in the game, vocally he is in fine form, and the back to the future vibe of the entire proceedings will appeal to the old-school crowd while not alienating the hipster crowd.  A fine accomplishment indeed.

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Best Albums of 2014: Shakey Graves – And the War Came

Posted by falconi5 on October 7, 2014

Shakey Graves – And the War Came (Rating 4 out of 5)

shakey2It really isn’t fair for one person to be blessed with this much talent.  Singer Songwriter Alejandro Rose-Garcia, also known as his nomme de plume Shakey Graves, is an accomplished musician known for his one man band concerts where he plays guitar and his patented suitcase drum at the same time, and in his spare time is an accredited  actor having a recurring role on the television series Friday Night Lights.

With his sophomore release And the War Came, Shakey takes his Hobo Folk-Blues sound to the next level with eleven songs that are disparate in style, but cohesive in the pop fairy dusting that is generously applied to each song. His voice is eerie-angelic if that is possible with a tone that settles in perfectly with his guitar and kick drum. The guitar work is intricate and the overall vibe is so pleasant that each song seems to flow into the next one.

“Only Son” is bordering on jaw dropping, “Big Time Nashville Star” that features Esme Patterson is sparse and intoxicating, and “Call it Heaven” is a consistent closer that carries the melodic thread of the album quite nicely.

With an album this sparse, a dust bowl old timey sensibility could quite easily creep into the fabric of the songs, but it never does. The songs stand on their own, and the sheer force of personality carries the day.

Look for Shakey Graves to show up in the soundtracks of some of your favorite shows next year.


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Rock Chick of the Day: Rae Morris – Closer

Posted by falconi5 on October 6, 2014


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Live Video of the Day: Headgirl – Please Don’t Touch (Top of the Pops)

Posted by falconi5 on October 4, 2014

girlschoolMotorhead and Girlschool get together on a Johnny Kidd and the Pirates tune.

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