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Best Albums of 2014: The Secret Sisters – Put Your Needle Down

Posted by falconi5 on April 19, 2014

The Secret Sisters – Put Your Needle Down (Rating 4 out of 5)

secretsistersMixing things up just a bit from their O Brother Americana twist on Folk music, the Secret Sisters, Lydia and Laura Rogers, have stepped up their game big time with their latest gem, Put Your Needle Down.

If the Everly Brothers were girls, this is what they would sound like. Much like their previous record, the atmospheric T-Bone Burnett produced Secret Sisters released in 2011, the template is to emphasize the picture perfect sibling harmonies with the front porch appeal of a guitar pull on a spring day. This time out, however the influences seem to fast forward from a 40′s and 50′s almost Andrews Sisters sort of vibe to more of an Emmy Lou circa Wrecking Ball sound with the guitars turned up a little bit more with Burnett, once more at the knob twirling helm, turning up the fun factor by adding a bit more Rock to the Folk-Rock mix.

The opener, “Rattle my Bones” does just that while the flag is firmly planted in the ground signalling good times ahead. The songwriting has definitely improved over the years, with “Luka,” a story song about a fathers reaction to an abusive relationship as a sterling example, and “Good Luck, Goodnight, Goodbye” holding up as one of the best songs of the lot:

“I know it’s not a perfect world, but tonight I’m the perfect girl, I had a man but he just lied, good luck, goodnight goodbye/You think I need some company you’re sitting awful close to me, you’re getting cozy and your making eyes good luck, goodnight, goodbye.”

One of the more interesting songs on the set is “Dirty Lie,” a song partially written by Bob Dylan previously released only as a demo, and was included here with some by permission finishing touches added to give the tune a St. James Infirmary feel. “Lonely Island” has the most Everly Brothers sounding vibe to it, and could have been released in the sixties, or even the fifties.

Adding a little diversity to their sound should serve the sisters well over the long haul, in the meantime this is one of the finest slices of Americana Pie you will enjoy all year.


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Video of the Day: California Breed – Sweet Tea

Posted by falconi5 on April 17, 2014

californiabreedCalifornia Breed, created from the ashes of Black Country Communion features Glen Hughes, John Bonham, and new guitar whiz-kid Andrew Watt. Rock music like it is supposed to be, loud and proud.

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Video of the Day: Sebastian Bach – Temptation

Posted by falconi5 on April 17, 2014

sebastianFrom his newly released album, Give ‘Em Hell released on Frontier Records. The video is worth the price of admission alone.

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Video of the Day: The Afghan Whigs – Algiers

Posted by falconi5 on April 17, 2014

afghanIt has been a long time, about 16 years if you are scoring at home, since The Afghan Whigs have released a new album. Is New to the Beast worth the wait? The jury is still out, but the just released album is on heavy rotation in The Falcon’s Nest and growing on us.

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Video of the Day: Chrissie Amphlett – I Touch Myself (Breast Cancer Anthem)

Posted by falconi5 on April 16, 2014

chrissieChrissy Amphlett is one of Australia’s greatest singers, and after her death at age 53 has become a national symbol for early detection and breast cancer awareness. In a stunning new video, 10 of Australia’s greatest female singers pay tribute to the Divinyls front woman all singing parts of “I Touch Myself” in sequence shot in black and white. The singers involved in the project include Amphlett’s cousin Little Pattie, Megan Washington, Olivia Newton John, and seven others. As the song title suggests the video promotes self breast examination among women for early detection of lumps or changes in the look or feel of their breasts.

The Divinyls – I Touch Myself




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Five Cool Ones: Five Cool SXSW 2014 Showcase Bands We Like

Posted by falconi5 on April 16, 2014


Little Hurricane – Superblues

On of our favorite of the new Blues Rock bands, the duo picks up where The White Stripes left off.

Summer Twins – Carefree

What’s not to like about a set of California twins that sing 50′s and 60′s style, sun drenched summer tunes in the Go Go’s mold.

Rebel Cats – Mala Influencia

We can’t understand a word they are saying, but what we do know is that this Mexico City Rockabilly band is muy caliente.

Vance Joy – Riptide

We are no strangers to Vance Joy and his hit song , but since he was a showcasing artist we decided to jump in the riptide one more time.

Mighty Oaks – Brother

Three countries (U.S.,U.K.,Italy) bring you this band of musicians that blend three part harmonies and buoyant Indie Pop where everyday seems like Sunday morning.






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Rock Chick of the Day: Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys

Posted by falconi5 on April 15, 2014

ingridThe video from the latest single for Lights Out, the fine new album from Ingrid Michaelson, pays homage to the Robert Palmer classic video for his hit song, “Simply Irresistable.” Check it out, then check out the original.

Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistable


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Best Albums of 2014: Linda Ronstadt – Duets

Posted by falconi5 on April 14, 2014

Linda Ronstadt – Duets (Rating 4.5 out 5)

lindarUnable sing due to the lingering effects of Parkinson’s Disease, Linda Ronstadt, one of the latest inductees into the Rock and Roll hall of fame has compiled one of the most heartfelt records you are sure to hear all year. Duets is a hand selected set of her favorite songs previously performed with partners as diverse as James Taylor, Dolly Parton, and of course, Aaron Neville.

With no fat on this bone, all 14 of these gems culled from an array of her albums released over the last 30 years are first-rate, with many deep cut surprises along the way. Most of the songs are sad and slow but that’s OK, her voice carries the day, and a beautiful instrument it is.

The songs presented here from “Adieu False Heart,” her 2006 album with Cajun singer Ann Savoy, to the country twang brought forth on “The New Partner Waltz,” and her rendition of the stone cold Hank Williams classic “I Can’t Help It If I Am Still In Love With You” will all bring you to your knees.

“I Can’t Get Over You,” another pairing with Ann Savoy puts the Ronstadt vocals on full vintage display, and the a capella rendition of “Pretty Bird”  with Laurie Lewis the only previously unreleased song on this set.  The record could have been 2 or three songs shorter with the been there, done that Aaron Neville collaborations as two examples with “All My Life” and “Don’t Know Much” included here. Fine songs in their own right, their only crime is supersaturation.

Laurel Canyon is well represented on the album with James Taylor making an appearance on the rocker “I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine,” and John David Souther lending his vocal prowess to “Prisoner in Disguise, and in a bit of Rock and Roll Irony, Don Henley, who also gave the induction speech for Ronstadt, performs a sublime duet on “Hasten Down the Wind” a song written by Warren Zevon, another one of the many artists that should be in the hall of fame but has been criminally ignored.

This is a record ever music lover should own. It is fresh and vibrant where it needs to be, pleasantly nostalgic in all the right places, and is warm visit with an old friend everywhere else.

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Video of the Day: Rodney Crowell – Fever on the Bayou

Posted by falconi5 on April 13, 2014

rodneyTarpaper Sky, the new album from Rodney Crowell comes out on April 15th.  Stay tuned.

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Rock Chick of the Day: Liv Warfield – Blackbird

Posted by falconi5 on April 13, 2014

livwarThe former Prince and the Power Generation back up singer takes center stage on her excellent new album The Unexpected. She name checks Paul McCartney on this dynamic performance from Live with David Letterman.

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